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Cheryl Waters - Partner and Director of Operations of Whistler Reception Serivces is a Licensed Rental Manager through Real Estate Council of British Columbia as the Regional Property Manager for the Sea to Sky Corridor - Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton, British Columbia under MacDonald Commercial Real Estate Services Ltd. in Vancouver.

Whistler Monthly Rentals - Lease Only Service

Our “Lease Only” service is the location and placing of a tenant in your vacant property.

  • Advertising the property in the newspaper and our website;
  • Fielding inquires on the property;
  • Showing the property;
  • Interviewing prospective tenants;
  • Performing the necessary reference checks with the Credit Bureau, employer and previous landlord;
  • Negotiating the rental or lease agreement;
  • Selecting the most suitable tenant from those eligible for your property;
  • Obtaining the security deposit and postdated cheques to cover the rent for the first year of the rental term;
  • Placing the tenant into the property and performing a move-in inspection.

Whistler Long Term Rental Management

Under this service we take responsibility for rent collection, maintenance of the property, accounting and communication with the owner and tenants.  More specifically, this involves the following tasks:

  • collection of rent from the tenant;
  • maintenance of the property;
  • handling of emergency problems, such as electrical blackouts or plumbing problems;
  • maintenance and placement or insurance policies;
  • regular monthly accounting statements to the owner;
  • forwarding of net rental proceeds to the owner by cheque or the deposit of these into an account of the owner's choice;
  • inspections on a regular basis to determine the condition of the property;
  • move-out inspection to determine the condition of the property at the time of termination of the tenancy;
  • processing of the residential tenant's security deposit plus accumulated interest;
  • prompt and courteous response to all enquiries coming from the owner;
  • resolution of any problems in an appropriate manner which originate with tenants.


We are confident that we can provide the highest caliber of service for all your Commercial and Residential Real Estate needs and Property Management Requirements


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