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Hi ladies,

Another gold star for excellence; I had a guest contact me personally and say what a wonderful group of people we had at the frontdesk. They loved you! They stayed over the long weekend and loved everything, and made special note of how great and welcoming you all were. Thanks for the great work, all the best Sandy and Rob.



Cheryl, thank you to you and your wonderfull staff.  My guests mentioned you especially as having made their experience in Whistler such a good one.  They were enthusiastic.  Now I wonder how I can share that with other owners.  I'm not sure anyone pays attention to the owner website.  Jacqui


It really feels like I am handing over the helm of this ship, but to the best staff I could ever trust!  Your professionalism and courtesy have certainly lifted the ambiance and value of our Town Plaza properties!  Way to go gals!


It sure is GREAT to be assured of your services, so that I can take this well deserved break


I will return on March 23rd - rested and relaxed....

Thanks for this opportunity!



Golden Dreams B&B + Golden Dreams Town Plaza Condos



Hello All:

I wish to let you know that my 3 units at WTP are now fully converted onto the new front desk operations. Yeah!


During the process, I was very pleased with the communications, professionalism and efficiency that Whistler Reception Services offered.

Cheryl and her staff are completely courteous and very helpful and reassuring....I've had some of my units for 10 years, so I was a bit apprehensive to unleash the responsibility and not personally greet my guests.


It is a pleasure to know that my clients are handled by their professional staff!



Ann Spence


Golden Dreams B&B + Golden Dreams Town Plaza Condos
Toll Free:  1.800.668.7055



Thank you so much for all the concern and attention with this booking. We are so glad everything worked out without damage and harm to the unit. I am sure the guests knew someone is watching which is why the front desk is so important.



Wow Stephanie - I am awed!   Thank you so much for dealing with these people.  How did you get onto them so quickly?  Probably Kelly.  She really takes it to heart when people act this way.  Thank you also for giving her support.  I am so impressed - consequences!


Thank you for the tip too. And also thanks to you and Cheryl for putting some nice policemen in our condo for part of the senior weekend - is that what it is called?  Not all young people are disrespectful and I have had a few lovely young guests but I am afraid the majority do their age group no favors whatsoever, at least in my experience.


Have a Happy Easter Sunday.

 Kind regards,





Thank you so much Cheryl.

It's nice to have someone like you guys as a back up.

Thanks for all your help.

Sandra Weber




Thank you for your mail and keeping us up to date.    Your vigilance on

our behalf is always appreciated.



Carol Lathwell


Hi John, thanks for the email, I will be faxing my vote tomorrow, but

just thought I should drop you a line to say how happy I have been

with Whistler Reception Services' front desk service.  I have been an

Eagle Lodge owner since October 2004 and we contracted WRS as soon as

we bought our unit.  They have provided an invaluable service to both

ourselves and our guests and I attribute a very large part of our

success to their professional and friendly staff.  Since we live in

the UK, we rely on Cheryl and the team to be the face of our business,

and they have always repaid our trust in full.


If you need any more information on WRS, please let me know.

Dan Morgan

Tel: 00-44-7801-337801

More details and online booking at:

Discount lift tickets at:


I have owned a 2 bedroom at the Whistler Town Plaza since 2001. I initially had a wonderful experience with owner generated private rentals, as I lived in Whistler and was able to checkin my guests and respond to late night calls, book activities etc. After moving from Whistler, I turned to seasonal rentals as the front desk at Deer Lodge was unreliable with ever changing hours of operation, caged front desk, impersonal.  When the desk was staffed, the staff would not cooperate with any owners or guests not under the rental pool umbrella.


After the successful majority vote to bring Whistler Reception Services in, I returned this summer to upgrade my unit and am excited to return to nightly rentals, realize parking revenue and know that my property will be cared for, my guests will be greeted personally with smiles, personality and experience. I have known Cheryl Waters for years and have the utmost respect for her. Honesty, experience, passion, drive and energy. Her staff are incredible and I haven’t seen such a “family” dynamic in a work place for a long time. Cheryl creates an atmosphere that promotes loyalty and work ethics that is lacking in most other buildings.


With regards to security, her systems are in place and I am  relieved to know that zero tolerance for problem guests is the practice. Guests are fully screened and if “suspect”, must sign a noise and damage waiver and every guest signs a credit card authorization The Whistler Town Plaza is enjoying record breaking long weekends with regards to problems and disturbances, thanks to Cheryl, her team and her systemes.


I will be busily renovating my suite with Cheryl’s assistance in all aspects. She has all the swatches and samples for my furniture and carpet and has obtained excellent prices with her suppliers.  I viewed some suites that she renovated for absentee owners and am excited to bring my unit to a similar level. You can’t beat free consulting and great deals!


Considering, the WTP signed WRS on DEC 15th! It was with incredible speed that she pulled it all together for the winter season. Had we jumped on board in Aug or Sept, we would have made higher revenues for parking, activities etc, but she still managed to exceed her revenue forecast by 120% ! This coming year will far exceed our expectations and we are confident that levies will be covered completely over the next few years with Cheryl on board.


Sarah Booth


July 20, 2007 email received;

Hi Cheryl -


Thanks for the information.  Glad to hear that it is being taken care of and we aren't on the hook to pay that bill.


Also, since I'm writing, I'd like to give you a little feedback on the Town Plaza front desk.  I'm not exactly sure of the relationship there....I think Whistler Reception Services is the parent company that operates the desk, so I believe you are "the boss" of the workers there.


I just wanted to mention that Stephanie has been extremely helpful and professional.  We have had several unusual problems with our unit in the past year, and she has been a great help each time.  I have been very impressed by her willingness to take charge and handle problems.  On a couple of occasions where I would have expected her to merely notify me of a situation, she has taken the initiative and dealt with the issue herself.  She has been of great assistance to us as owners.


Despite initially being opposed to the front desk idea, we have been very pleased with the actual operation.


Just wanted to pass along some positive feedback.





Curt and Kiersten Gregory

Whistler/Blackcomb & Mammoth Mountain




Hi Cheryl, it's about time we shared with you our happy thoughts about

being associated with Whistler Reception Services. It is now just over a

year since we became involved with you and your staff and the wonderful

service you provide . As absentee landlords in Whistler we were always

faced with challenges dealing with clients who booked our condo from all

over the hemisphere . Since entering an agreement with you folks it's like a

huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders and we can know that there is

someone on sight who can look after our guests , handle our keys, liase with

the cleaners and act for us in the case of the unforeseen. To date it has

been a great  experience . Your advice to us has always been on target and

to date we are having the best ever year for rentals and happy  guests.Also

when it became apparent that our 14 year old suite would do well to be

updated with new paint and furnishings you were able to provide us with

superb advice as well  as contacts which proved invaluable and served to

bring us "up to snuff "with local standards and we have had nothing but good

feedback about the current state of our unit. On a day to day basis dealing

with the great people you have working with you has been a great  pleasure.

There is a level of professionalism there that is to be admired and we

deeply appreciate all of you. I might add all of this involves a very

reasonable cost which sometimes in Whistler is hard to find.. Thank you so

much and please feel free to use this note in any way it may be useful to

you. Best Regards, Charles and Jill Ennals Greyhawk 312.


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