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Corporate Endorsements

July 2004
From the Whistler Chamber of Commerce
The Whistler Chamber of Commerce strongly supports the welcome strategy and the key guest welcome initiatives, one of which are Whistler Reception Services.

May 11th 2005
The Whistler Chamber of Commerce welcomes a business model that provides concierge services to property owners. The ability to provide economies of scale and deliver higher level of service to the guest is paramount to the ongoing success of the Resort. It is our feeling that through the successful delivery of this service, the Guest experience can be enhanced throughout the Resort. We would encourage all property owners who rent to explore this unique opportunity.

John Nadeau
President - Whistler Chamber of Commerce.

July 2, 2004
To Whom it May Concern:
One of the keys to Whistler's success has been the interesting mix of products available for our guests. Our lodging product has a great deal of variety from full service, 5 star hotels to self-serve, private rental condominiums. One of the challenges with this variety is the level of service provided to our guests. For the properties that are not full service, there is not always a clear understanding of what will be provided and in some cases, the expectations of the guest are not met.

One of the gaps that has been repeatedly identified by our guests is the absence of a consistent service for in-resort check-in and assistance. In many of the strata titled properties, guests who are not registered with the property manager operating the front desk are often required to attend a different location to check-in. There are also many town home complexes that do not have front desks at all. This creates confusion for the guest on arrival and difficulty throughout their stay if they require additional assistance.

Tourism Whistler believes that the establishment of a central check-in and concierge service will be a great addition to the resort and will play an important role in delivering the world-class experience our guests expect. Whistler will have the opportunity to close the current gap in our customers' expectations and ensure they feel welcomed from the moment they arrive and serviced through out their stay. We look forward to working closely with entrepreneurs offering this service.

Yours truly,
Diane Mombourquette
VP, Revenue and Operations

July 2004
From the Resort Municipality of Whistler Draft Comprehensive Sustainability Plan;
"Whistler's Draft Comprehensive Sustainability Plan, Integrating Sustainability into the Visitor Experience, 12.4 Potential Actions - #1 on the list of actions states; Create a centralized concierge service/help desk for visitors. Paid for by the private sector, this centrally located center would improve the consistency of visitor service, especially for those staying in hotels managed by multiple property managers. This center could provide one stop problem solving and check in services, and be a communication hub for the distribution of consistent, reliable visitor resort information."

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